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Service Description

01Pre-sale Services

? Early Communication

Choose a good sales manager, we communicate with customers in an all-round way to fully understand customer needs.

? Discount Offer

Our company has a variety of battery monitoring products. According to customer project requirements, and give customers the most reasonable and cost-effective solution.

? Scheme Design

After careful planning by the team,We provide the best battery monitoring solutions。

02After-sales service

? Online Training

Our online training organization according to user needs,improve customer technical strength and ensure service quality,Let customers have a comprehensive understanding of the management, operation and maintenance of battery monitoring。

? Remote Service

Under warranty,I provide 7 * 24-hour telephone service,After the warranty period,Will continue to provide high-quality paid services and technical support。

? Technical Support

Our engineers will answer one by one according to the technical and service requirements put forward by customers,Protect customers good products and service experience。