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Five reasons and prevention of premature failure of UPS power supply
Publish time : 2021-10-25
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UPS power failure is the culprit behind most UPS disasters,Although UPS power supplies are prone to premature damage, users do not have to be victims,The following will introduce the five major causes of premature failure of UPS power supply, and how to prevent such failures。

No measures can be taken to prevent the UPS power supply from reaching its useful life. However, avoiding the following errors can help ensure longevity。
1. Poor storage of unused UPS power supply-even if the UPS power supply is not used, its life will begin to decrease。In order to extend the storage life of the UPS power supply, it is recommended that you charge it every three to four months。
2. Higher ambient temperature-The rated capacity of each UPS power supply is based on an ambient temperature of 25°C.Any changes, especially temperature increases, will affect performance and service life.Routine maintenance inspections can help spot hot spots and verify ventilation conditions。
3. Over-circulation-After the UPS runs on the UPS power supply during a power failure, the UPS power supply will be charged for future use. This is called a discharge cycle。After the UPS power supply is installed, the UPS power supply will reach 100% of its rated capacity. However, each discharge and subsequent charge will slightly reduce the capacity of the UPS power supply.
4. UPS power supply is not used correctly-UPS power supplies are dedicated to UPS, just like other UPS power supplies are dedicated to their respective appliances。UPS power supply can provide extremely high energy consumption in a short period of time (usually up to 15 minutes).

In short, the more you step forward now, the easier operation and maintenance will be in the future.In order to solve the above problems, Relat's solution is to install a battery online monitoring system for the battery pack, and conduct online monitoring of important parameters such as battery cell voltage, internal resistance, pole temperature, group voltage, and group current of the battery pack. , Once a certain parameter is found to be abnormal or its changed parameter is abnormal, it will be alerted immediately, which can prompt the maintainer to find a problem or potential hidden danger, and deal with it in time to ensure the reliability and safety of the UPS system.