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Why accident occur in UPS Room?
Publish time : 2021-08-12
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With the rapid development of the Internet and information technology,The battery has been widely used in the data room,Computer room fires and power outages caused by batteries have been increasing in recent years,According to incomplete statistics, the cause of the fire is mostly due to battery leakage battery、Battery temperature is too high、Battery from overcharge,Both the quality of the battery itself, there are aspects of the use of improper operation。

Why the engine room battery frequent accidents?

1.Price competition led to lower quality battery;
2.Lack of maintenance resulting in reduced battery life;
3.Early failure of the battery can not be detected in advance。

What is the effect of installing a battery monitoring system?
Reduce power outages by detecting battery problems at an early stage;
Increase personnel safety, less human presence in battery room;
Reduce maintenance cost avoiding the weak battery infect;
Extending your batteries life。

Standardized and predictive monitoring is a major trend in the industry,Relat Battery monitoring system,Real-time online monitoring of equipment parameters,Advance early warning of battery failure,So that every section of the sustained and healthy battery run。