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A New Deployments of Battery Monitoring System Successfully Deliveried In Power Plants
Publish time : 2021-08-19
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Electricity is an important pillar of national economy,Whether the power system of the power plant is healthy,It is directly related to the operational reliability of the entire power plant's main system.


While the power plant undertakes the task of generating electricity, it also undertakes the task of heating residents in winter,Promoting safe production of all employees and the whole process is the most important work of the power plant,Relat provides a battery online monitoring system with excellent performance, safety and reliability for power plants.Ensure the safe operation of hundreds of batteries in the computer room.


1.The power plant undertakes the task of generating electricity, and is also responsible for the task of heating residents, and must ensure the safety of the power supply system
2.There are a lot of batteries in the computer room, and it takes a long time to use manual periodic inspections, and the cost is high
3.Manual maintenance is not safe
4.Maintenance personnel can not grasp the real-time data of the battery pack runs

In order to solve the above problems, we provided BM3000 battery monitoring products and services for the power plant.
1.Reduce power outages by detecting battery problems at an early stage
2.Increase Personnel safety, less human presence in battery room
3.Reduce Maintainence Cost avoiding the weak battery infect
4.Extending your batteries life